My client was able to purchase this small, 1949 vintage home on a large lot from the original owner.  The house had never been upgraded and suffered from years of neglect and deferred maintenance.


After the sale price had been negotiated and agreed upon, and prior to the close of escrow, I provided the Buyer with a comprehensive assessment of the house conditions along with a thorough analysis as to the deficiencies, hazards and disrepairs presented with the property.


The detailed defect remediation budget I prepared for the Buyer enabled him to negotiate for, and receive, an additional 5% off the selling price - with the funds credited back in cash at the close of escrow.


Subsequently, I was hired for the design and remodeling of the home.

Several new windows and doors were purchased at unbelievable pricing from the boneyard of a friend's window and door company.


All exterior stucco was sandblasted, repaired and prepared for a beautiful, smooth trowel finish with fiberglass mesh embedded in the brown coat to minimize plaster cracking.


New stone was affixed to the front area of the home after a top-quality waterproofing sealcoat system was applied onto the scratch coat bed.

Mindful of my client's budget, and striving to eek out the most bang-for-the-buck throughout the remodeling process, we opted for copper gutters and downspouts in the front yard to enhance the artistry of the natural stone.  Everywhere else, we installed white aluminum gutters and downspouts - thereby saving a couple thousand dollars that we were able to spend elsewhere. 

The use of Merbau exotic hardwood for the gates, fences, garage door and deck fascia provides a unifying element that flows throughout the property

This Merbau slat gate is solar powered, powder coated and incorporates a programmable keypad that allows restricted access for multiple users.  For example, the gardner has his own code that will only work on Thursdays betwen 7:00 am and 2:00 pm.  The owner can program an override if the gardner visits the property on a different day for additional maintenance or planting.

Outdoor Elements

Custom Awnings with Faux Copper Patina Finish
Custom LED lighting enhances the night view
Trex decking with custom merbau fascia surround

Across a vast geographic region, I oversaw public parking lot reconfigurations at several Blockbuster Video stores.  Per California Title 24 code and federal ADA statutes, customized cement ramps, curb cuts, signage and striping were quickly imprinted at several locations.  Knowledge of the law, timeliness and multi-crew coordination were critical aspects of this undertaking.

The replumbing of an entire house offered me the opportunity to layout a plumbing schematic incorporating the Viega manabloc system for hot and cold water distribution throughout the household (including exterior hot and cold water outlets to assure pleasant bathing conditions for the family dogs).


After becoming certified by Viega, I took the lead for the installation of a system that reduces water waste, delivers hot water faster, and assures greater temperature and pressure balancing during multiple fixture use.


For each of the hot and cold water line runs, we installed building & safety code-approved Pex tubing throughout the house (along with a tankless, flash hot water heater). 


A significant amount of money was saved by using pex tubing instead of copper (for both material and labor) and the family can expect to save approximately 4,000 gallons of water each year with the efficient manifold-based water distribution system.

The vertically-patterned limestone surrounding the shower/bath carries throughout this guest bathroom as a wainscot wall around the perimeter of the small space - giving it a cohesive expanse and nice flow.



Installing a wheelchair platform lift is one thing.


Persuading the manufacturer to create a customized stainless steel cladding and the means to accommodate special ribbed glass to match the existing glass railing panels at this luxurious hotel is quite another. 


I am pleased to have accomplished both.


The lift pictured below, installed at the Los Angeles Museum of Contempory Art, was customized to complement the stone surround at that classic edifice.

Sometimes, all it takes is fresh paint, some new knobs, and a colorful tile countertop with backsplash to transform a worn, rental-unit kitchen into a charming, cozy space.


The tiles were bought at special odd-lot pricing from a high-end tile and stone emporium (the merchant threw in a handful of burgundy tiles which we cut down and inserted as diamond accents to pick up the burgundy-colored striping in the vinyl flooring).


Inexpensive, undercounter fluorescent lighting fixtures spill soothing light onto the work area.  The brand new sink, faucet and cabinet & drawer pulls were bought for a steal at a swap meet.

Another rental property; another reasonably-priced transformation.  A new tile countertop and backsplash installed atop the existing vanity, along with new tile flooring, fresh paint, a new sink and fixtures, transformed an out-dated bathroom into a cute main bathroom. 


New bathtub/shower fixtures along with a classic tile surround freshen up the space.


An homage to the past - I salvaged these stained glass window panes from a  window we removed from the laundry room and integrated them into the attic cover. 



A switched, fluorescent lighting fixture hung in the attic illuminates the colorful panels - refracting  prismatic light onto the walls below.



A new, energy efficient HVAC system was installed; but not before the entire attic was cleaned and vacuumed to remove all debris and inadequate wool insulation.



New insulation batts were carefully positioned and a new service platform, worklights, gas line and electrical utilities, as well as wiring troughs for the entertainment system, audio speakers, HDTV, CAT 5 computer lines and low voltage lighting controls wiring were installed in the clean, efficient, overhead space.


In the laundry room itself, we tore out the old, solid wood cabinets and re-configured them to anchor the washer and dryer area - crafting a panty with adjustable shelving out of the old, hot water heater cabinet that otherwise might have been scuttled as demolition scrap.



Throughout the house, we removed all the door and window mouldings and carefully stripped away layers of decades-old paint - purposely leaving slivery remnants of colorful, aged enamels.


The stripped, vintage moulding was then carefully re-hung to frame the portals and windows throughout the freshly painted home.


The latch was something I had on hand from years ago.  I bought it at a marina boatyard as salvage from an old luxury cruise liner.  (I still have two more latch sets - first come; first served).

A used brick from the courtyard served as the color source for the finial balls and gate hardware.


I am now on my fifth project for this very dear client of mine.  I am always so pleased each time I return to her home to start another project - this ramp system looks as good as new.


This is what we started with when we set out to design and build the master bathroom depicted above.


We did salvage the toilet, which was brand new, as it had been installed by the Seller to comply with regulations regarding low-flow fixtures.

Yes, this WAS the small master bath.  Along this wall is where we located the shower and toilet shown above.


The new master bathroom was further enlarged by capturing a small, walk-in closet adjacent to the existing master bathroom.  An additional window and frosted glass door let in more natural light.

Walk-in bathtubs are one way of enabling bath lovers to safely soak by carefully stepping into the bathtub prior to filling the tub.


I always re-plumb these tubs with 3/4" lines and tub fillers to increase the volume of water flow.

A ceiling hoist system enables the safe lifting and movement of a person with a disability. 


In this master bathroom, our remodel included a new, spa tub with surround, cabinet refinishing, new floor tiles and the installation of a ceiling hoist system with branching to move our client around the bathroom, into the tub, and in order to enable her use of the toilet.


The drop ceiling was structurally reinforced to accommodate the increased load of the system and rider.

There was no money to push out the walls.  Quality, new-cabinets were not in the budget.  Stainless steel appliances, purchased on sale at a fantastic package price affordable for my client, anchored the design development. 


Whenever possible, old fixtures, such as this ceiling fan were given to grateful workers who had use for them elsewhere.



The old cabinets were not deep enough to accommodate a dishwasher and we wanted more counter space.  The cabinets were solidly built out of wood in good condition.


We removed the cabinets, re-configured and re-build them, sanded them down to the bare wood, primed and painted them anew, and installed new door hinges and amber drawer and door pulls.  Grey tile flooring and matching countertops, brushed steel edge railing, and grey and green glass tiles complete our pallete of stainless steel and black.  The amber and brushed stainless pulls enhance the glowing amber glass overhead light fixture.

Landscape and hardscape design include such things as custom fences, gates, garage doors, decks, bbq islands, irrigation and drainage, lawns, drought-tolerant planting, lush flower gardens, water features and other elements that enhance the overall property.  We strive to create a peaceful ambiance that promotes an inviting flow from inside to out.

Please check back from time to time to catch a glimpse of other projects.


I would be pleased to showcase the work I do with you.