From the very beginning, and throughout the entire design/build process, fundamentally, I strive to do three things:


  • Listen to my clients
  • Provide them with useful information that enables them to make thoughtful choices
  • Carry out my assignment in a satisfying way that assures a job well done

I respect that we have all different "tastes" and that my clients may have a particular vision for their project.


While I do adhere to a high standard for my work, I have no ego when it comes to serving my clients other than to assure they are pleased with our results and that I do meticulous, artisan-level work without compromise as to quality, work-site safety, or building & safety code compliance.


I am wholly invested in assuring that things turn out as we all imagine.  I want my clients to rely on my construction expertise, my design sensibility and my technological savvy.  I am a hands-on builder - working on site every day.


I encourage my clients to tap into my resources and the wealth of experience and talent available to us through the fine team of construction professionals assembled for our project.


I work hard to assure everyone involved in our project continuously has a meeting of the minds as things unfold so we can avoid miscommunications or surprises.


After a preliminary meeting, I find it best to approach each project in Phases as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Intake as to goals, style and full understanding of client's "wish list."  Establish the Scope of Work including an analysis of the client's budget, timeframe, logistical considerations and other circumstances and conditions that may influence the project.  
  • Phase 2 - Preliminary Design work (in house or in concert with client's designer and/or decorator) including architectural & structural engineering consultations, as needed, as well as preliminary investigations with jurisdictional oversight agency authorities such as Planning, Building & Safety, Homeowners Associations and the like.
  • Phase 3 - Design refinements and itemized budget.
  • Phase 4 - Meeting of the minds followed by a concise Construction Contract signed by all pertinent parties.
  • Phase 5 - Build the project as specified with a fair mechanism in place that allows for augmentations, change-orders, enhancements or scaling down, due to unforeseen circumstances.

I am also flexible and will gladly work to establish a working dynamic different than outlined above so long as it works for all of us.

Essentially, I choose to do "clean business" to assure a pleasant experience for me, my sub-contractors, vendors, suppliers, third-party participants and, of course, my clients.


I strive to safeguard our resources.


I am proud of my excellent reputation that remains only as good as the last project I complete.