Thank you for visiting my site and taking a few minutes to get to know me.  


I am a seasoned general contractor (licensed, bonded, insured) with an excellent track record - known for my meticulous work and kind manner. 


I love construction, color, texture, light and shadows, earth materials, advanced technology and all of the elements used to create flowing, balanced environments.


Design is meant to evoke warm feelings and a pleasing atmosphere.


I love building places and things that bring happiness to my clients.  I love a job well done.


I love contributing a bit of me to their process of creating something special for themselves.


I value their trust in me and their belief that I truly care.


I do.



Aside from presenting myself as a capable GC able to skillfully quarterback remodels, refurbishments, tenant improvements, damage remediation, renovations and new construction, I am proud to be an expert in ADA- and Title 24- compliance matters pertaining to accessibility (as to the design and construction of the environments and as to the application of the laws).


[Please click on the "Complete Access for People with Disabilities" tab for more information.]

I also have a knack for design and am pleased to assist you with ideas - especially as I strive to give all my clients maximum value.  I am very resourceful and often purchase "amazing finds and components" that give my clients an incredible bang for the buck.

In this regard, I enjoy superb buying power and maintain a comprehensive roster of excellent sub-contractors - these resources I gladly make available to you for each of our projects together.

I pride myself on creating precise budgets and contracts that clearly and cleanly articulate the deal.  I do not cut corners - I build things to code and I build things to last.


I am OSHA construction site safety certified and hold an additional federal certification from the EPA with regard to proper practices for remodeling in dwellings and buildings constructed prior to 1978. 

You may also rely upon me for:


  • Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • Client Fiduciary Representation
  • A-list Sourcing for Materials and Sub-contractors
  • As an Agency Intermediary when dealing with such matters as code violation and non-compliance (both as it pertains to accessibility and in general construction matters having nothing to do with disability).

I welcome your telephone call to my cell phone at 310.880.9100. 


Or, please feel free to write me an email and I will get back to you right away.

I would be pleased to meet you.

I wish you joy and good health.


1927 Chicago Aermotor Windmill