I love building things.  My grandpa's garage was packed with racks of vintage typewriters, dictaphones, tools and fantastic contraptions that captivated me.


As a young boy, I spent hours by his side -- tinkering, sweeping his shop and carrying out each task assigned to me.  I think I worked for free?   It was worth it.


Throughout my life I have always enjoyed designing and building.


I am proud to have been recognized along the way for certain of my accomplishments, technical achievements, construction endeavors and other projects that have been deemed noteworthy.


In the spirit of striving to provide excellent results while enjoying the process along the way, I am pleased to provide my clients with all I can to assure they are happy with my work, my manner, and the quality as well as the value of every project I undertake on their behalf.


I hope to have an opportunity to work with you as well.